Atomic Flush

The Atomic Flush is a rumor a bunch of students start every year. It states that if every toilet in the school is flushed at precisely the same time, an earthquake would happen, and the entire school would jump in the air.

Ned's Plan

Ned and his friends decide to attempt the atomic flush, in spite of Gordy's warning that Mr. Sweeney will stop at nothing to prevent it. Sure enough, when Gordy goes to take up position in the teacher's bathroom, minutes before go-time, he finds that Sweeney has locked himself in and boarded up the door from inside.

Unwilling to give up, Gordy tells his compatriots that they're still on for the atomic flush. He cuts a small hole in the door, pokes his head through, and begins prodding Sweeney to flush the toilet himself, telling him that a true scientist would want to test the theory. He finally convinces Sweeney, and when all the toilets are flushed simultaneously, the pressure buildup causes an earthquake, and the teacher's bathroom toilet to fly through the roof and crash in the parking lot.

The kids are disappointed that they didn't feel the school jump in the air, but when the dazed Sweeney and Gordy appeared, covered with toilet paper and excitedly claiming they felt the school jump a foot in the air, the kids perk up and agree with them. Overall, the mission is considered a resounding success.


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