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Guide to: The First Day and Lockers

Coach Joy Dirga is the gym teacher and coach of the vollyball team.


Just like Sweeney, Dirga has moments when she is cruel to her students, but she also some moments where she shows her true colors. She's willing to help her students whenever they're facing a problem--whether it simply be a gym-related problem or even a personal problem. She's also very smart, especially in her general sports area (since she is a gym teacher). She once caught Cookie faking his workout, which showed her keen observation skills.

Sometimes, she can be impressed by her students' progress, such as Moze trying out for wrestling and almost succeeding, Ned's ability to knock out her teeth (despite it being an attempt to get in trouble), and Suzie's volleyball skills.


  • She used to be on the boys' softball team when she was younger.
  • Her current height was the final height she reached in 7th grade, and a lot of the kids she went to school with wound up being taller than her by the time she got into high school.