Elizabeth Johnson
Name Elizabeth Johnson
Nickname Bitsy
Gender Female
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Profession Student
Parents Unknown
Lover(s) Marissa Johnson
Friend(s) Suzie Crabgrass (best friend)
Frenemie(s) Crubbs
The Weasel
First Appeared Guide to: The First Day and Lockers
Last Appeared Guide to: Cheaters and Bullies
Portrayer Spencer Locke

Elizabeth "Bitsy" Johnson is a mean popular girl. She only appeared in 4 episodes in season 1. She was best friends with Suzie Crabgrass. In the episode Guide to: Cheaters and Bullies, she is seen cheating off Moze's paper to get straight As until caught by a teacher. She represents a girl named Missy Meany who appears in seasons 2 and 3. She's portrayed by Spencer Locke.

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