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Jennifer Mosely
Moze in college
Ned Declassfied character
Birth Name

Jennifer Ann Mosely


March 6, 1993








Georgia (current)


Middle School Student-(Formally)
High School Student-(Formally)
College Student-(Currently/ at Georgia State University)




Dark Brown



Marital Status

Dating (Ned Bigby)


Ned Bigby (boyfriend)
Jock Goldman (Ex-Boyfriend)
Seth Powers (Ex-Boyfriend)
Faymen Phorchin (Ex-Boyfriend)


Mr.Mosely (father)
Mrs. Mosely(mother)


Ned Bigby (best friend)
Simon Nelson-Cook (best friend)
Suzie Crabgrass (Season 3-current)

Series info
Portrayed By

Lindsey Shaw

First Appearance

Pilot(regular series)
Guide to: First Day at College(Ned's Declassified College Guide)

Latest Appearance

Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, and Weasels(regular series)


66 (Season 1-3/ regular series)
12 (fan-fiction season)

Jennifer Ann Mosely(Moze) is a main character in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and and Ned's Declassified College Guide.


Jennifer is the calm, level-headed one in the trio of herself, Ned and Cookie. She is smart, has a fear of public speaking, is athletic (she plays on the volleyball team and also qualified for cross country and to be co-captain of the cheerleading team), and had a crush on Seth Powers. She is often indecisive, as demonstrated by her inability to pick between Ned and Feynman.


Moze starts off being taller than Ned in the first season, but roughly the same height as Cookie; She has long brown hair that grows longer each season, brown eyes, and light skin. She dresses in a practical, tomboyish way, and once tried to dress girly, but decided soon gave up.


Ned Bigby (Best Friend/Boyfriend)

Ned and Jennifer are neighbors and best friends. Ned was the one who gave Moze her nickname in the first grade to avoid confusion with the other three "Jennifers" in the class. Throughout the seasons, they are shown to be very close and friendly. In Season 3, Moze starts to realize her feelings for Ned and vice versa until they finally started dating in the final episode of the series. They have kissed 5 times so far in the series.

Simon Nelson-Cook (Best Friend)

Cookie and Moze are bestfriends and are shown to be close.

Suzie Crabgrass

In the first season, Suzie and Jennifer were enemies. As the series progressed, they soon became friends due to common interests,


  • She saved Ned from the girl's bathroom once
  • In Season 1, she had shoulder length hair.
  • In Season 2, her hair was a little longer than season 1 plus with bangs
  • In Season 3, her hair is longer than before, her bangs have grown out; she starts to wear more girly like clothes.
  • At first she only had two guy friends (Ned and Cookie), but now has other friends like Suzie Crabgrass, Lisa Zemo, etc.

Notes and reference

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Recurring Characters
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