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Jennifer "Moze" Mosely
Jennifer Mosely
Nickname(s) Moze
Gender Female
Age 11(Season 1)
12 (Season 2)
13 (Season 3)
Early 20's
Birthday Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Profession Student
Family & Friends
Significant other Ned Bigby (currently)
Jock Goldman (formerly)
Seth Powers (formerly)
Faymen Phorchin (formerly)
Spouse Unknown
Parents Mr. Mosely
Mrs. Mosely
Siblings None
Children None
Friends Ned Bigby
Simon Nelson-Cook
Suzie Crabgrass
Frenemies None
Enemies Missy Meany
Suzie Crabgrass (formerly)
Pet(s) None
Production Information
First appearance Guide to: The First Day and Lockers
Last appearance Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, and Weasels
Portrayed by Lindsey Shaw

Jennifer Ann "Moze" Mosely is one of the main characters of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Jennifer was nicknamed "Moze " by Ned to avoid confusion because there were other 3 "Jennifer" in the class in 1st Grade. Jennifer has set the most number of records in James K. Polk Middle School, including the record for setting the most records.

Personality Edit

Moze is a smart, funny tomboy. She rarely wears dresses except for special occasions. She's never really been 'one of the girls' since she spends most of her time with her best friend and next door neighbor, Ned and her friend Cookie . Throughout the series she decides she needed female friends. Jennifer Mosely is smart, funny and a total overachiever. She's a great student, a great athlete, and a great friend.

Appearance Edit

Moze starts off being taller than Ned in the first season, but roughly the same height as Cookie, She has long brown hair, brown eyes and somewhat dark skin.


Best FriendsEdit

Her long time best friends are Ned and Cookie. She saved Ned from the girls restroom once. She always sticks out for them.


Moze to the left,Ned in the middle,Cookie to the right

Ned Bigby-boyfriend /Bestfriend Edit


Ned and Moze kissing

In Season 1 Ned and Moze are best friends, but after they kiss at the end of Season 2, she starts having romantic feelings for him.In Season 3 she was confused whether she liked Ned or Faymen.She did a test in one of the episodes to compare Ned's kisses to Faymens. Finally, in Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels, they became baes .

Simon Nelson Cook-BestfriendEdit

Jennifer and Cookie had been good friends for a long time. She sometimes knocks him around, though. They are both studious people. During Spirit Week they have a five day struggle about who is responsible for the Spirit Stick. They both resort to some extreme tactics. When they have spent one day together (because both of their hands are glued to the Stick) she says, “You’re one of my best friends, but if I'm stuck with you for one more minute, I’m gonna scream!"


Suzie Crabgrass-FriendEdit

For the first season, Moze and Suzie are rivals, beginning when they compete to have the girliest locker in the first episode. In the second season, they begin trying to be friends, with mixed success. At the end of season 2, when Moze shows that she is honest even when it's tough, Suzie decides Moze is a trustworthy friend.


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