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Jennifer Ann Mosely
Jennifer Mosely
Nickname(s) Moze
Gender Female
Age 12-14 (Middle School)
14-18 (High School)
22-23 (current)
Birthday March 6
Hometown Unknown
Profession Student
Significant other Malik Welch (Boyfriend)
Jock Goldman (Ex-Boyfriend)
Seth Powers (Ex-Boyfriend)
Faymen Phorchin (Ex-Boyfriend)
Parents Mr. Mosely (father)
Mrs. Mosely (mother)
Siblings None
Children None
Friends Malik Welch(best friend)
Simon Nelson-Cook)(best friend)
Suzie Crabgrass
Enemies Missy Meany
Pet(s) None
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, and Weasels
Portrayed by Lindsey Shaw

Jennifer Ann Mosely is a main character in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. She is portrayed by Lindsey Shaw

  • She girl saved Ned from the girl's bathroom once
  • In Season 1,she had solder length hair.
  • In Season 2,her hair was a little longer then season 1 plus with bangs
  • In Season 3,her hair is longer then before, her bangs have grown out;she starts to wear more girly like clothes.
  • At first she only had to guy friends (Ned and Cookie)
    • Now Suzie is her girl friend.

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