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Jerry Crony

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Jerry Crony
Nickname(s) FuzzButtHead
Gender Male
Profession Student


Friends Billy Loomer
Buzz Rodriguez
Simon Nelson Cook
Production Information
Portrayed by Teo Olivares

Jerry Crony is in Billy Loomer's trio of bullies. He is secretly in the sewing club as a tailor. He has a crush on Missy Meany. He has tried to tell Loomer that he is in the sewing club in "Secrets", but is interrupted by a drill or bell every time. He has tons of hair on his head, and is called " Fuzz- Butt Head." Missy Meany also does not like him. In high school, Crony was put in the advanced sewing club.

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Jerry Crony

One day, Loomer got switched in the sewing club, and together Loomer and Crony went on their sewy adventures.

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