That's right.
~ Mr. Dren

Mr. Dren
Ned Declassfied character




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Guide to: Teachers and Detention

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Guide to: Notebooks and Math

Mr. Dren is a student teacher who sometimes fills in for Moze's math teacher and his name Nerd in backwards at James K. Polk Middle School.


Moze's math class gets a very nervous student teacher, Mr. Dren, for a few weeks, and he gets pelted with random objects by the class.

In Moze's math class, Loomer shines sunlight off his watch into Mr. Dren's face. Moze uses another student's sunglasses to reflect the light back into Loomer's face. Moze asks Mr. Dren if they could go over the last lesson, but backs down when the other students get mad.

Moze tries to help Mr. Dren teach, but he finally snaps and orders her to the vice principal's office, while finally getting the class under control. Once they're in the hallway, it's revealed they planned the stunt to get the class to take him seriously.

Mr. Dren asks Albert a question he doesn't know, and he asks Ned for help. Ned gives him the wrong answer, and upon realization, he and the Oboe twins quit the math group.