Noze is the romantic pairing of Ned Bigby and Jennifer Mosely. The name is a combination of Ned and Moze.


  • In Season 1 Ned and Moze weren't more than friends, but after they kiss at the end of Season 2, she starts having romantic feelings for him. The pairing can be called Noze or Med.
  • In Season 3 she was confused whether she liked Ned or Faymen. Finally, in Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels, she began dating Ned.
  • They've kissed 5 times:
    • The school dance before the last day of seventh grade.
    • On the bus on the last day.
    • At a party at Seth Powers' house.
    • To convince Missy they were "dating" in the school hallways.
    • A garden somewhere during their field trip.