Lakisha, Doris, and Katie/The Huge Crew
From left to right, Lakisha, Doris, and Katie.
Title Lakisha, Doris, and Katie
Name Lakisha, Doris, and Katie/The Huge Crew
Nickname The Huge Crew
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Hometown N/A
Profession Student
Parents Unknown
Lover(s) Ned Bigby (Crush)
Frenemie(s) Any girl that likes Ned-(Rival)
First Appeared Guide to: The First Day and Lockers
Last Appeared Guide to: Music Class and Class Clown

"Thank you!" 

-Doris to Cookie in "School Clubs"

The Huge Crew is a group of violent girls who have a huge crush on Ned. They tend to pick on and even beat some of the girls, mostly Moze. They also target Coconut Head who likes all three girls because of their aggressive nature. The group consists of Doris Trembly and her two friends, Lakisha and Kati.

You can hear Katie's voice in The New Kid in which she says "Hey Ned!"

They're written out of Season 3 and it's unknown what happened to them afterwards.

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