In an internet full of cyberbullies, insane trolls (cyberbullies and trolls are two different things, mind you), and gross pictures on Google Images... Concernedalien11780- that's me- and any friends I make on this wiki or its sister wikis that are able and willing will try and do the impossible- create a guide that will help you survive the Internet. I have been a fan of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide all throughout its run on Nick from 2004 to 2007 and well since then. Out of all of Nick's live-action teen sitcoms, not only was it the most consistently funny, but it was also sweet without being sacchrine and, most importantly, was probably the most realistic. That's not to say it actually was realistic, but it was certainly more realistic than any of Nick's other live-action teen sitcoms, especially any of the ones on now. The absence of a laugh track, lack of a studio audience, and Dan Schnider not working on it definitely improved the overall quality of the show. Some of the actors were a little old to play 8th graders, especially Lindsey Shaw, who was eighteen during the last season of playing Moze, not to mention most of the things Ned, Cookie, and Moze deal with are things teens are more likely to deal with in 9-12 grade than 7-8 grade, but the strong writing for the genre compensates for that logical flaw. I am currently in the process of writing a blog post on each of the wikis I intend to become a part of the community of before actually editing and joining chats on them, but once I am finished with that and I am ready to return to this wiki, if I am not too busy on any other wiki, the blog on this wiki will be about Internet survival tips, with a particular focus on how to get by and engage with others on wikis like this. I will try to make it somewhat, but not entirely, contrarian to what you may have heard in some instances on the Internet, describing how my experience or what I have seen others do in some situations and how I think they reacted poorly. Thank you for letting me into this community, and never stop being vigilant at stopping injustice, depending on your definition of "justice" and "injustice", because there are so many different ideas of those concepts, most of them contradicting of other's definitions, so I think a more accurate statement would be to never stop being vigilant at stopping injustice according to the definition of "injustice" by whatever presiding body of people is in charge of whatever community you are presently participating in. Sound good? Good.

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