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    January 28, 2013 by MeltingCometYT

    This wiki is being ruined by a trolls, and this is one of them: HalflingMkII

    He isn't the only troll, I think. What he did was created a page called "Gordie", which is a scam page, as well as another page (With random Text) and in Timmy Toot-Toot's Page, added this: "Timmy MUTHAFUCK** Toot-Toot

      WE NEED TO STOP THE TROLLS. So here is a way I think I know how to know if it is a troll:

    2. If cursing is included (Example: "Timmy Mutha****** Toot-Toot")
    3. If the page has this picture ----> 

    If you are a Admin, I suggest you Please take action immediately.

     Thanks, MeltingComet.

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